“six strings” fave <3

Yes yes yes! You heard it right again. Sorry if this time, bias na me, uki? 😀 But they are really my  favorites. *droll*


Ahahaha. . .Every time I heard or read of 6 strings, riffs and solos, crazy me… I once dreamed of becoming one. Unfortunately, small fingers, yea? That’s why. Ahahaha.. Yet, my obsession doesn’t stop there.  Why? Dude, just watch those fingers working on those strings.. jeez! *breathe in, breathe out* But of course, we all have our bets on this one.  Maybe your fave is my fave, and my fave would not be your fave or vice versa. It just happen that when I first heard/ seen this guys/girl, BAMM! Guaranteed that they gonna rock my world..;)

My 5 Favorite Guitarists, in no particular order.

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