Brandyn Farrell as Miles Haas

Yay! We have a new book boyfriend on the house! How’s that? 🙂 I finished this book the other day and I’m so excited to introduce this man that got an ego bigger than his head. But you know how much we love them being arrogant without pissing us off, right? Another fact is that I love my book boyfriends with an inborn dirty sense of humor. So here goes our new book boyfriend.

Ladies and Gents, please welcome Edward MILES Haas in Some Sort of Crazy (Happy Crazy Love Series Book 2) by Melanie Harlow!

If you want to grab a copy of the book, click the link: SOME SORT OF CRAZY. Believe me, you’ll love it. It got 4.8/5 stars review ratings in Amazon and that is really a huge something. You won’t miss the Book 1 as well, click the link: SOME SORT OF HAPPY for Skylar’s story. Watch out for the third installment- SOME SORT OF LOVE coming this February 2016!

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To start off, when the heroine Natalie got some palm reading, she was told that her life would be on chaos and she’ll meet a stranger. Of course Natalie hasn’t mind those predictions because her life is just steady. She got a new house, a boyfriend and running her own coffee shop. And here comes our beloved Miles, showing up on their town, on her coffee shop early in the morning. She hasn’t seen him for a long time and they got a lot of catching up in her shop. She mentioned about the predictions to Miles and he told her that maybe he’s that stranger on her readings. Natalie surely won’t believe it because they’ve known each other since high school they’re practically best of friends way back then. According to her readings, Natalie didn’t know the stranger’s name and she just found out later that Miles first name was really Edward. And things got interesting afterwards. 😉


Miles left their town when he went to college and now he’s a blogger and a writer on some men’s magazine. And you’ll know he’s just hilarious because most(or all of his post) are about his sexcapade experiences and series of advice on that department. Examples of his articles are Should You Bang the Boss’s Daughter? A Flow Chart and Butt Stuff for Beginners: A Field Guide. And the ultimate playboy is definitely back in town this summer.

And I admit that Miles been acting like a jerk on this but he love or has loved Natalie, you know but before he could confess his feelings, she already got herself a boyfriend. And for 10 years now, Miles really hate that boyfriend of hers. Moving forward on a fast pace, Natalie found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Miles had been almost happy that Natalie sought comfort in him. So much for taking advantage of her vulnerable, he also don’t want to lose their friendship somehow. He’s not just some rebound, right?

But hey, he got feelings for the girl and he was more that relieved that Natalie’s not tied to that jerk. I guess, all that pent up longing and suppressed feelings ignited the sparks between them. They got that ‘almost’ night before Miles left town for college. Natalie’s also tired of boring and spontaneous, and Miles surely ‘rock her world’. I hope you take the hint on that one. 😉


The ‘chaos’ starts when Miles had been acting as a real asshole. Swear I want to strangle him and I’ll laugh out loud when he’s suffocating.(Kidding. I love him more to do that) But I know and I understand that he’s scared as shit. He just feel that ‘something serious’ with Natalie, yet he thinks he doesn’t deserve it- her feelings, her love and Natalie herself. That scene is making me mad and hurting so I’m not talking about it. Anyhow, their story is one of the most epic that I’ve read. It’s sweet, refreshing, funny and hot as hell.

P.S. The proposal is grand and I couldn’t love Miles enough for it. All praises as well to Melanie Harlow for such a wonderful story.

Check some of their fun moments below. 😀

Miles: I really want to make a joke right now about glazing your buns, but I’m afraid you’ll take this away from me. 😀

Natalie: I will. 🙂

Miles: How about buttering your muffin? 😀


Miles: Could we get the pork nachos? And the truffle french fries?

Bartender: Sure thing. (Ask Natalie) Are you sharing? Or would you like something else?

Natalie: Um…

Miles: I’ll always share my pork with you, Natalie. I’ll even let you pull it. 😀


Natalie: Hey, do I need to pack a dress and heels for any reason?

Miles: Definitely.

Natalie: Oooh, what’s the reason?

Miles: Sometimes I like wearing a woman’s shoes while I fuck her. :D

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Brandyn Farrell is on the cover and Miles description on the book is he had some scruff, lots of tattoos and wearing glasses. Isn’t Brandyn the perfect Miles Haas? Gorgeous, isn’t he? Just put glasses on him and blast, we got our Miles Haas on the flesh. 🙂 Show him some love, will you? 😉

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