Another “kai” of my life!!!


Oh well, dahi kapangalan nya ang isa sa paborito kung stallion member na si Kaiser Montezor in short “KAI” and it  happens that the nickname of  The Gazette, a jap rock band, drummer is also “KAI”… So with the name only, notice na notice ko na sya…hahaha!!!Ka-look alike nya si L ng deathnote and God, he’s already 32!! As in hindi halata sa mukha nila ng mga ka banda nya…


This infos was from facebook made by some fans.

Real Name : Uke Yutaka (受 毛豊)
Birthplace : Tokushima , 28 October 1981
Blog :

– His blood type is B.

– Other gaze members consider him to be a leader of the band.

– Kai’s hobby is cooking and he does it well.

– His weak point is forgetfulness

– Likes playing video games

-He likes to sleep naked, when he is alone. [Shoxx – December 2003]

-Recently , he moved to his own apartment.

-He didn’t finish school.

– His childhood nickname was: Yukkun [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He said if he was an animal he would be a monkey, because it’s represent him the best. O.o [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He’s very positive thinking, but awfully forgetful. [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– If he could be another member for one day he would be Ruki to make his room messy (it’s well-known fact that Ruki is really a maniac about his place.) [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He doesn’t like Eggplant, Potato [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He super loves mayonnaise. (Caused high colesterol kind a problems to him, so now he tries to avoid eating it – Beat Shuffle – don’t know when but he was with Uruha in the show) [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– Stage drink: Pocari [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– Fav type of woman: Short cut, black hair, feels like the countryside, interesting person. [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

Doesn’t like over-accessorized girls. [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– Once he dreamt that Reita was his mom [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– According to Uruha Kai always likes to stand in the corner. [Beat Shuffle]

Dislike tattoos, piercings and plastic- surgeries [Arena Special Kai personal interview]

– He’s having a very bad eye sight, but he wouldn’t undergo surgery with it. [Arena Special Kai personal interview]

– Always eating salted Japanese plums before lives [Make on Holiday]
kanji of Kai means ‘caution/warning’

-Kai loves playing football and cooking

-His favorite animals are dogs, tigers, alligators and crocodiles

-He likes to drink apple juice

-His favorite season is winter (he like christmas)

-Kai has two piercings, both on his left ear

He used to want to be a football player

Poor little Kai got tricked on April fools day and didn’t really understand what had happened until 5 days later
Batteries ~ What Kai always buys at convenience stores
He loves to cook with cabbage and various recipes can be found on his section of the site. And he wears the cutest little apron . So take a look and maybe even try out some of his recipes here. Rei-chan says that he doesn’t like Kai’s cooking…but admits he can’t cook
Kai likes Dir en grey
Kai got his drivers license on the 6th January
France ~ The place that Kai most wants to go on his own
During lives, Kai always checks to make sure all of the members are having fun
Kai once said he really wants to have a ‘session’ with Gackt
Hospital ~ In an interview Kai once talked about the time he was hospitalized. He said that it was a very emotional time, and that he received 1000 cranes…I don’t know exactly what happened to him or when he was in there but I do know that the first live he did after that was on July 22
Marilyn Manson ~ …I’m not sure if Kai likes him (he might do…his favorite album is by him) but he said that he wanted to go to a Marilyn Manson concert .
Pearl ~ Kai’s drum make, a very popular choice with a lot of indies drummers
Reita and Kai both find lack of sleep the worst thing on tours…and Kai always moans ‘sleepy’
SMAP ~ Kai’s first ever live
Kai use his hp ringtone with Wakaremichi song’s
Kai collects Zippos
– was once put in the hospital because of a fever from too much drumming
– sleeps nude when nobody is around

– used to work in a restaurant before going into entertainment

– was ranked as #3 popular male by the girls at school (he found out AFTER he quit the soccer club)
– he used to push his way to the center of a crowd that was laughing and make what they were laughing at funny for him too (he says he was selfish in this way, always wanting to be center of attention/funny)

– when he was bullied, he would laugh because it made others laugh and that made him feel good (that he made others laugh)
— as a result, whenever his band members “bully” him, he laughs, just to make everyone else laugh (naturally)

– hugged Uruha in his sleep… making Uruha feel very uncomfortable.

– tends to over work himself

– once (probably more) was taking care and worrying about the others so much, he didn’t realize that he was getting sick.

– Kai loves soccer and played it in elementary school, junior high, and high school

-Kai thinks he’s “gotten better at human relationships”, becoming more considerate of others.

-Kai’s mother can read and speak English. So that means, if another GazettE’s member can’t read some of the English fanmail, he asks his mom to translate them for him.

-Kai actually doesn’t dislike drinking, and has in fact started drinking again! But when he’s out drinking with everyone, he tends to “over-drink”… as in, he gets hyper and then crashes.

-Kai stopped drinking for two years because after he drank, he’d hit a low point “tension-wise”, and he didn’t like that about himself, which is why he stopped drinking.

-Kai likes beer, a brand from Okinawa called Awamori.

-His wish for the future is to attain happiness, and one way of getting that happiness, for him, is getting a big house

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