Lights in the City 2015

Time flew so fast and another year has passed since I wrote about Lights in the City 2014. This is already my fourth year to post about the annual opening of lights in the city plaza. If you are living in rural place, it’s one of the most anticipated highlights of the year. See, a lot have improved since then.

It means that every year that had passed, we’ve been blessed. Blessed with more than we deserve. We had been given chances to make things right, to reunite with family and friends, to make yourself proud.

The world had been tainted with terrorism and never- ending wars. But the Lord’s light will not falter. When our savior Jesus Christ was born, that northern star shine so bright. It represent something positive that we can hold on to —  that in every downfall, we have a lot of reasons to rise and fight. In every tears we shed, we find ways to smile. In every failure, we are deemed to be stronger. We always tend to say that everything will be alright, so act like it will definitely happen. We are all special in the eyes of our Lord. There’s always hope. Don’t stop wishing and believing. 

I had a lot to thank for this year. And I’m forever thankful to share the very special day with our Lord. That alone I know I was special and blessed. If you have read Amy Harmon’s Making Faces, it mentioned of having five greats despite the trials and the burdens one is experiencing. So I was thinking of making my five greats before 2015 ends.

If you’ll ask your self, what would be your five greats this year?
















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