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Happy One Year! :)

Time flies so fast… 🙂

April 16, 2015 is one of the most memorable date of my life. Today,  I’m celebrating my first anniversary on the first job I got after college. Well, along with my other teammates, too. How was that?:) So happy one year to me!

It’s cool. Never really think that I could last this long as a technical support for an Australian account. And who would have thought that I’ll land on this job? Graduated with the degree in Business Administration at 2o. Nailed my first job a month after my graduation. Yay! But seriously, not that easy. Where I work now is the third BPO company where I’ve passed my resume. Failed the initial interviews on the first two companies. So I really did think that call canter is not for me. Yet now I’m writing this to celebrate my first year. 🙂

I didn’t get to picture my first salary but surely I have all my withdrawal slip with me.(I’ll get a picture next time). The pay’s just enough for my monthly allowance. Yeah, I also have my never ending supply of shower gels and lotion.

Some says that working at a call center is easy as one, two, three. Well, hell its not! 🙂 For one year, we’ve been dealing different kinds of people, different kinds of problems under different circumstances. Working with different persons and different departments through calls is a big, big challenge. But sometimes, you’ll encounter certain persons that will change your outlook in life. I still remember my certain customer that made me cry! Not that he shout at me or something but something else personal. I got that call on April 8, 2015 and cry our hearts out and he will then celebrate his 77th birthday the day after. It just slipped out that his daughter died with cancer 3 years ago. He then said that he will be celebrating his 77th birthday but his daughter left him first and it really saddened him. And I can’t help myself then after he said that. I could also feel he’s just holding himself to cry as well. So we’re cool. I’ll never forget him. Ever.

But then, only time can say if I will stay here longer than expected. What will happen in the future, this experience will definitely never be forgotten.

Hey! It’s Christmas. :)

Christmas is here again. The day we rejoices for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Nothing is better than celebrating Christmas with your family and loved ones. And of course, I turned 21 as well. Another reason to be thankful and to honored to share this special day with our God.

And speaking of my birthday, I’ve requested greetings and fan signs from my favorite bands and writers. So far so good. I’ve got some on my fave writers and none on my fave bands. Haha! That’s a given. So here they are ** insert little effort in print screen here ** 🙂 🙂 Continue reading

Lights in the City 2014

Hello world!!! It’s Christmas again. Time really flew so fast. Just couple of days ago, the City Annual Opening of Lights happen with a Frozen Theme. I just remember that the first time I posted about the opening lights is just for fun, the year after that, it’s for college requirement to promote the city highlights during Christmas. Now on my third year, I’d want to make it as a tradition. My way of expressing that I’m grateful for another fruitful year for me and for my loved ones. Another year of good health and happiness. Another year to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

This year had been another for me to thank for. Graduated on March as Best Business Intern (didn’t expect it though ;)). Got my first job on April. Got many books to read. Turning 21 to this month. And the blessings goes on and on through out the year. I would not say it’s a perfect year but nevertheless, I don’t mind the trials if I have so much blessings to count. Continue reading

Loving ’til the end(message in a bottle POV)

Uwaa! Haha! Ngawa kung ngawa. .:)

Been long that I’m gone but I’ve got an absolute interesting topic after I got out of my cave. .Haha!

Who is Nicholas Sparks?

Known to be an exceptional writer with exceptional masterpieces.

Honestly, I had never read any of his work since then. His books is quite expensive for me to afford it. Until three days ago, I just finished reading his work “Message in a Bottle” which I lend from a friend.

I know, and I really cried the whole last chapter of the book. Next morning I read the book and cried again. ? HAHAHA…

There’s a lot of reasons why the book made me cry. First, it made me cry for that tragic experience in love. I mean, why would it ever happen to Garrett? I’m frustrated, really. Then, he wants to be Theresa. And the worst of it, it is only on letter after that accident happened.

Second, the story is so realistic. The setting, the act, the lifestyle… In fact, I’ve watch and read that set-up already Its so normal but the twist is really exceptional. How can a man possess such love? For that thing, I cried because of a really amazing story. To the highest level talaga. And I really love Garrett. How I wish there’s more guys like him. Blessed with so much love and loyalty.

Third, I don’t want to lose a love one at the moment I read it. It’s so painful to bear that feeling. The way Gareth and Theresa felt. I guess most of us don’t want it either. Continue reading

team sepak!:)

yow! haha… Ang saya ko lang. Wel, this entry is a tribute to our own COMMERCE Sepak Takraw team. Our School held a 4-day intramurals starting Aug. 28-31. And since wala kaming katalent-talent sa sports, we got our selves involved in the food committee. Yon nga, sa sepak kami napunta. First game, ayon late kami. kawawa naman tuloy yong mga players namin. The next day, talagang inagahan ko dahil 9 am, magsasatart yong game yon pala ay sa Game 2 pa ung Commerce at past 11 am na nagstart yong sa kanila. Kami naman tuloy yong nagutom. Kanina ay naglaban na yong team namin vs. sa criminal justice dept. Siyempre panalo kami..Yahoo! haha…Ang ingay pa naman namin dun kanina.

So, before I present the pictures na kuha mula sa, I’ll have a short recap of what sepak takraw is.;)


“Sepak” is the Malay word for kick and “takraw” is the Thai word for a woven ball, therefore sepak takraw quite literally means to kick ball. The choosing of this name for the sport was essentially a compromise between Malaysia and Thailand, the two powerhouse countries of the sport.

Earliest historical evidence shows that the game was played in the 15th century’s Malacca Sultanate, for it is mentioned in the Malay historical text, “Sejarah Melayu” (Malay Annals). The Malay Annals described in details the incident of Raja Muhammad, a son of Sultan Mansur Shah who was accidentally hit with a rattan ball by Tun Besar, a son of Tun Perak, in a Sepak raga game. The ball hit Raja Muhammad’s headgear and knocked it down to the ground. In anger, Raja Muhammad immediately stabbed and killed Tun Besar, whereupon some of Tun Besar’s kinsmen retaliated and wanted to kill Raja Muhammad. However, Tun Perak managed to restrain them from such an act of treason by saying that he would no longer accept Raja Muhammad as the Sultan’s heir. As a result of this incident, Sultan Mansur Shah ordered his son out of Malacca and had him installed as the ruler of Pahang.

In the Philippines the sport was called “sipa” and along with traditional martial arts survived the three century Spanish colonization. It is a popular sport played by children in Philippines, this is their national sport. Sepak Takraw is included in Philippine’s elementary and highschool curriculum.In Myanmar, or Burma, it was dubbed “Chinlone“, in Laos “Kator”, “cầu mây” in Vietnam and in Indonesia “Raga” or “Sepak Takraw”.



let go…and move on..

This is the day the sad day of my life… Not just Lord Jesus will be crucified, maybe it’s also the day that I should start let go of my feelings for him. Hindi man sa ngayon, atleast nasa starting piont na ko. Ang sakit na sa dibdib at  sa damdamin pati utak ko apektado na. Ayoko nang magpanggap na ayos lang ako sa harap nya lalong-lalo na sa harap nilang dalawa.   (the reasons of my sentiments is on my older post entitled define ouch)  All of the time kasi umaasa lang ako na sa balang araw mapagtutuunan rin nya ko ng pansin… Ang tanga ko naman, ang gaga ko pa…. Feeling ko naman ang ganda-ganda ko para mapansin nya.. Kainis bakit kasi sa kanya ko pa naramdaman ang ganito…Walanghiya naman yon, he really knows how to play his cards well( nanisi pa ko noh? hahaha) I know that God has it’s purpose kung bakit ko nararamdaman to.I know I should not blame anyone for this heartache, naghahanap lang ako ng masisi kasi sa larong to, talo ako… Ako yong nasakatan at nawalan. I just hope na sa process ko ng pagm0move on ay wag na syang magpakita pa ng motibo para bumalik yong nararamdaman ko sa kanya… Sabi nga ni Papa Jack, “Say thank you and say goodbye to him. Hindi mo man agad-agad magawa ang importante, nagsimula kana.”

So I say thank you to him for this feelings na naramdaman ko… Falling for him is a wonderful experience in my life even if we’re not really meant for each other… Salamat din sa kanya dahil kahit sandali ay naramdaman ko ang pakiramdam ng my nagmamahal at nagaalaga sayo. Salamat sa mga sweet gestures nya, as in naaappreciate ko yon.. Ayon, thank you dahil sa kanya umikot ang pag-ibig na una kong naramdaman… And now, I say “goodbye”. Sana maging way na din to para mahanap ko na yong totoong kaligayahan ko. Ang tagal kung tinali ang sarili ko sa kanya, ang dami kung ginawa dahil nag-hold on ako sa isang bagay na hindi naman akin… Wala akong karapatang ipaglaban sya dahil simula’t sapol, pagaari na sya ng iba. I really wish na maging strong ako habang tinatanggap ko ang katotohanag yon… Masyado pa kung bata para masaktan ng ganito… Ayokong maging malungkot…I wish for his own happiness and mine,too. Ayon, thank you and goobye.. And it starts now….

Bakasy0n na!!!:P

2nd semester of my 2nd-year in college is finally over!!!!! ibig sabihin ay magiging 3rd year na ko. How about that? hehe…ilang hakbang nalang patungo sa bundok!…ng tagumpay. He-he! And speaking of bakasyon, tambay na naman ako dito sa pinagtatrabahuan ko. Kailangan ko nang magsipag dahil wala na akong allowance kasi wala ng pasok….< obvoius naman di ba? engot lang talaga ako…> At malban dun, marami na kaming napagkasunduang outing. And first on our list…..The Guintubdan Falls! Ang ganda ng lugar di ba? Parang virgin lang..hehe!

Honestly, I never been visit the place..At madami pa daw wild      flowers dun especially one of my faavorites, millionflowers! At   hulaan nyo sino may sabi nun?  None other than my irog at   sinisinta…hehe… The place will be found top hill of the mountain   and certainly the water there is very cold at take note, crystal clear   daw ang tubig dun. Excited na nga kaming pumunta dun eh.. And   this is also to promote the natural wilderness sa lugar namin.   Sariling atin lang naman kaya tangkilikin na natin.:)))

And ola!!!This March 21, 2012, WE are really blessed to visit the place… And it was wow! Pinetress on both sides of the streets on a rainy day.Ang kapal ng fog kaya medyo malamig na talaga dun pag dating namin. At mga kababayan, umuulan ng umakyat kami dun. The first thing that came in my mind ng dumating kami dun ay bulaklak. Di naman ako nabigo, may dala akong mionflower pag-uwi…hehe!!:))))

I never get the chance to picture the spring dahil nga umuulan.And trivia, the Guintubdan falls was the main source of water supply in the neighboring cities!! Shyyyeeeeet, super lamig ng tubig, para kang na freeze at super clear yong tubig, akala mo mababaw lang yun pala malalim na paglusong mo. It was really a great experience!

  There’s the other clearer pic of the place: It can be found on the falls itself.(photos are not mine)

dalaga na ba?:D

Recently, December 25th, I just turned 18..Wuu!!! Dalaga na raw ako?! Waaahhhh!!!hahaha…sabi pa ng iba, welcome to legality… Honestly, I never felt that I’m a lady… nahihilo lang ako..hahaha… First thing, An taba ko para maging dalaga ; ang raskal ko para maging mahinhin  at isip bata pa ko… Dalaga ba yon? Or it’s just a signal for me to change into grown up? Dapat ba ganun? A…ewan! Ang dami kong tanong na hindi ko masagot-sagot…. At laging sumasagi sa utak ko ay kung handa na ba akong magmahal… Handa naman siguro, takot lang masakatan. dahil hindi mo pa nga naramdaman ang pagmamahal na hinahangad mo mula sa kanya ay nasaktan ka na. Bat ba kailangang pagdaanan yon? At bakit nagtatanong na naman ako?<haha!>

Balik sa birthday ko, Ayon masaya naman… maaaga lang ako natulog dahil puyat pero super saya! May dalawa akong cakes at take note, libre yon…haha, sinuswerte nga naman ang lola nyo.At bago ko makalimutan ang pinakamaganda, i had a new nailpolish- blazing red! bwahaha…Nagsimba lang ako at pagkatapos nun natulog, pumunta ng ilog, natulog, kumain, dumaldal at natulog ng maaga. nPero salamat sa sponsor ng handa…hihihi…babawi nalang ako sa susunod, pag me sweldo na ba..

I have all the reasons to be thankful sa lahat ng blessings na natangap ko… And I’m very blessed to share the day with our God.. Napaka swerte ko na talaga na naki.share ako sa araw ng kapanganakan Nya. And I trust everything with Him and it’s up to me nalang kung ano ang gagawin ko.

“Di na Baling SINGLE, wag lang mawalan ng internet connection”