Lights in the City 2014

Hello world!!! It’s Christmas again. Time really flew so fast. Just couple of days ago, the City Annual Opening of Lights happen with a Frozen Theme. I just remember that the first time I posted about the opening lights is just for fun, the year after that, it’s for college requirement to promote the city highlights during Christmas. Now on my third year, I’d want to make it as a tradition. My way of expressing that I’m grateful for another fruitful year for me and for my loved ones. Another year of good health and happiness. Another year to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

This year had been another for me to thank for. Graduated on March as Best Business Intern (didn’t expect it though ;)). Got my first job on April. Got many books to read. Turning 21 to this month. And the blessings goes on and on through out the year. I would not say it’s a perfect year but nevertheless, I don’t mind the trials if I have so much blessings to count. Continue reading