Super DADDY Heroes

2015 had been a very great year to read such awesome novels. I already got 3 book boyfriends straight from the covers. 😉 Last time I was scanning my notes of what books that wreck my heart and took a huge part of my life for the last two years. I’m actually itching to read them over and over again. Until I’ve noticed that some books listed on my top favorites got a daddy as a hero. And they’re definitely the coolest daddies in fiction lalaland. And I believe you’ll love them as much as I love them all. 😉

Meet my TOP 6 Super DADDY Heroes. 🙂




JONAH BRIGGS (Owned by Fate)

aa       Book 1 of Serve Series and was release way back 2014 but Jonah is always an exemption.

     And how I love this man to bits. This one dirty talking BDSM club owner aa1left a mark on my ever-loving mind. (Cue on dirty talk, guys. 😉 ) Contesting for visitation rights to her 8- year old daughter (Gabby) he hadn’t knew for so long an the things he did for her just broke my heart. That kind of man deserved to be loved unconditionally. Let us thank Caroline, our guy got his happy ending!(p.s. I’m staking claim to Caroline’s brother Oliver. He’s mine! 😀 )

JAKE LODGE ( Against the Wall)

jake     Who wouldn’t love the hottest men of Maverick Montana? Book 1 of the series and Jake’s the oldest of Lodge- Freeze siblings. And all those too many against the wall hot scenes!! Deym, water please.jake1

    After a nasty experience on his previous marriage and raising his only daughter Leila, he doesn’t want to settle to any serious relationship until he met Sophie. I tell you, he’s the hottest rancher/ lawyer of MM. The things he’ll do to you, swoon! 😉 He’s just perfect. All hail to Sophie! That one lucky bitch. :p

STANTON SHAW (Overruled)

stan     Yay! Stanton! Book 1 of my favorite Legal Briefs Series and seriously he’s just another hot freaking lawyer on my list. And I really love this story.

     He became a dad to a baby girl (Presley) when he was only 18 years old with his childhood sweetheart/ girlfriend way back high school.stan1 Thinking of building a future with that girl but didn’t happen eventually. Interesting is he will fall for his colleague and fuck buddy. The name’s Sofia, by the way. You heard it right, folks. Friends with benefits and mixing work with pleasure is how they do it. And another thing about Stanton is he also used to be a rancher on the little home town of Sunshine, Mississippi. Love much!

LEV LEOKOV (Lev: a shot callers novel)

lev1    My beautiful Russian! He is so very special. Honest. Sweet. Protective. And all of your fantasy rolled into one. I’d say he also belongs to my ‘not your typical bad boy’ list.lev2

   His baby girl’s name is Lidiya. Charming kid. This is the story of two opposite worlds collided. I’m not really a fan of rich boy-meet-poor girl genre but this one is absolutely different. Give love to Minna, guys, for loving our infamous Lev.





JASE HOLLISTER (The Closer You Come)

jase    Ah. One of the Original Heartbreakers. Just got out of prison and trying to settle on Strawberry Valley together with his two friends. 

   Jase is your dream guy personified. He’s far jase1from a heartbreaker if you’ll asked me. ‘Coz he’s sweet, compassionate and hotness overload. *** spoiler alert*** His daughter Hope had been revealed on the later part of the story. The daughter he hadn’t known for nine years. This is one of my top favorites, such twist and bend that you’ll love. Read and meet his happily ever after, Brooklyn. ♥ 

JACOB ‘Shade’ SILVERTON (Treat Me)

shade      Well if it’s not the infamous lead vocalist of Sole Regret. One of the hottest rock band genre. Treat Me is already the 8th installment of Sole Regret series. Best to read the series in order.shade1

     Technically i don’t like how Treat Me ended. I was tempted to scarred to scarred that bitch up. Yes, I’m talking about ex-wife. But Olivia Cunning made sure we’ll have a payback. And I hope real soon. 😉 Bitching aside, it’s one of the stories that I love. My eyes always sting if Shade have his moment with her four-year old daughter Julie. He’s not just an awesome singer but he’s also an incredible Dad. Such twist to fall for your ex-wife’s sister and that ex-wife’s creeping to his life again by using their daughter is just insane. I’m hoping for his forever with Amanda will come sooner than expected.

This 2016, there’s another super daddy hero coming!


Expected release date: February 9, 2016


















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