Straight from the Cover

Few days more and we are saying goodbye to 2015. And we are counting our blessings this year, right?

I’m always thankful for the chance to read and to savor all the romance that was showered on this earth. I’m also thankful for more than 100 romance novels that I’ve read this 2015. And! I came with a collection of my book boyfriends that came straight from the cover this year. I’m lucky enough to find their names and it takes a lot of ‘research’,  really. 😉 I have three, guys. Three wonderful book boyfriend straight from the covers. I’ve already posted the other two and the additional one will not disappoint you, swear. 😉 These are not only my favorite covers but I also love the story itself and they are absolutely have a place on my TOP FAVORITES basket. It’s just like having all of your favorites rolled into one perfect book. 🙂 

I’ll start with my ♥ ♥ ♥ book boyfriend ever.



BOOK: Cocky Bastard

AUTHOR: Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

Cover Model: Nick Ayler

Book Hero: Chance Bateman

You know I always love Nick Ayler. He’s just the perfect Chance Bateman. Chance is definitely someone I’d bring on a road trip whenever and wherever. And someone I’ll keep on the bedroom for days or weeks, maybe. 😉 This one mark my year with so much hearts and countless laughter. 

Read my post  NICK AYLER as CHANCE BATEMAN for more about Nick Ayler and Cocky Bastard. 😉



BOOK: Some Sort Of Crazy

AUTHOR: Melanie Harlow

Cover Model: Brandyn Farrell

Book Hero: Miles Haas

Yay! Miles! Hilarious as hell. And I didn’t think that this one is going to be one of my favorites ever. I love Miles and I love Brandyn so much. Thank you so much Melanie Harlow for such awesomeness.

Read BRANDYN FARRELL as MILES HAAS for more of my post about Some Sort of Crazy. I’ve got some pics of Brandyn. 😉



BOOK: Crashed Out

AUTHOR: Tessa Bailey

Cover Model: David Juteau

Book Hero: Sarge Purcell

Tessa Bailey nailed it again with her new release, Crashed Out, book one in Made in Jersey series. A 22- year old rock star that fall for her sister’s bestfriend which happened to be seven years his senior. I really adore Sarge in this story. He just added on pile of awesome rock freaking stars. It’s my favorite genre, in fact. He’s sweet and in control, so much for his age. And don’t start me with that hotness burning. You know how I love my heroes with a dirty sense of humor right? But this one is one hell of a dirty talker. I’ll have a separate post only for David some other time. ♥ ♥ ♥


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