Novella Chapters

Hurray! This page is certainly for my beloved books.. Reviews, comments, praises, and a lot more craziness on the book that I’ve read. They are all here. Shing. Shing! Too informal? Yes. This is just me and my bangag na brain. Considering I’m not so much of a writer. If I’m going to write a review of a certain book, 80% of it will cover the words: ” Omg!”, “It’s amazing”, ” I so love the author!”, ” I’ll read it again” and a lot more repetition of it. 😉 And also there’s a fact that I really don’t read that much. So my apologies.:)

So, why Novella Chapters when I’ll be writing about novels and the likes? Simple. I find it cute. :p Am just messing up with my titles and everything. I based this one for a series of Novella Stories from a certain series. It was called 1001 Dark Nights. Better check that out. A single Novella from different series every month, written by different authors 😀

Okay. I won’t start on what books I have read the later. Whatever comes in my mind first, I write it first. Ayt?! Who’s going to argue with me anyway? 😀


                                                                  CHERISE SINCLAIR

Masters of the Shadowlands
1.Club Shadowlands (Master Z)
2.Dark Citadel (Master Dan)
3.Breaking Free (Master Nolan)
4.Lean on Me (Master Cullen)
5.Make Me, Sir (Master Marcus)
6.To Command and Collar (Master Raoul)
7.This is Who I Am (Master Sam)
8.If Only (Galen and Vance)
9.Show Me, Baby(1001 Dark Nights: Masters of the Shadowlands Novella) (Master Jake)

Wild Hunt Legacy
1. Hour of the Lion (Callum and Alec)
2.Winter of the Wolf (Zeb and Shay)

Doms of Dark Haven
1.Simon Says: Mine (anthology) -Simon
2.Welcome to the Dark Side(anthology) -Virgil
3.My Liege of Dark Haven- Xavier
4.Edge of the Enforcer -(Alexander) deVries

Mountain Masters Series
1.Master of the Mountain (Logan Hunt)
2.Master of the Abyss (Jake Hunt)

other indie novels
1. The Dom’s Dungeon(VanScoy Publishing Group) -Alex
2. Starlight Rite(Loose Id, LLC) -Dain

Reading order for Mountain Masters and Doms of Dark Haven:
Master of the Mountain
Doms of Dark Haven 1 (3-author anthology)
Master of the Abyss
Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night (3-author anthology)
My Liege of Dark Haven
Edge of the Enforcer

coming soon:
Master of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella (1001 Dark Nights)
release date: April 14, 2015


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Wild Hunt Legacy, Doms of Dark Haven, Mountain Masters Series, OTHERS

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