“six strings” fave <3

Yes yes yes! You heard it right again. Sorry if this time, bias na me, uki? 😀 But they are really my  favorites. *droll*


Ahahaha. . .Every time I heard or read of 6 strings, riffs and solos, crazy me… I once dreamed of becoming one. Unfortunately, small fingers, yea? That’s why. Ahahaha.. Yet, my obsession doesn’t stop there.  Why? Dude, just watch those fingers working on those strings.. jeez! *breathe in, breathe out* But of course, we all have our bets on this one.  Maybe your fave is my fave, and my fave would not be your fave or vice versa. It just happen that when I first heard/ seen this guys/girl, BAMM! Guaranteed that they gonna rock my world..;)

My 5 Favorite Guitarists, in no particular order.

  • Paul Charles DiGiovanni

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Lead Guitarist and backing vocals for Boys Like Girls

Birthday: January 19, 1988

Paul is also partly Italian.

He started playing the guitar when he was about 9 years old.

He was still a senior in high school when he joined Boys Like Girls.


and you can also follow him on these sites:

tumblr: http://fuckyeahpauldigiovanni.tumblr.com/

twitter: @paulBLG

instagram: http://instagram.com/paulblg

buzznet: http://pauldigiovanni.buzznet.com/user/


check here about the info:

  • Jung Yong Hwa


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Lead vocalist and guitarist of CN Blue

Birthday: June 22, 1989

You know, I’m a ShinHye fanatic so ipush na yan.:D Try to watch their TV series Heartstrings to get kilig also. 😉

check here for info:




  • Joel Gilchrist Peat



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Lead Guitarist and back vocals of LAWSON 🙂

Birthday:  June 27, 1990

He and Ryan(Lawson’s bassist) attended the same university.


check him out!:)

twitter: @LawsonJoel

instagram: http://instagram.com/joelpeatstagram

Lawson Official Website: http://www.lawsonofficial.com


check here for info:


  • William G. Leverty II( aka Bill Leverty)



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Lead Guitarist of FireHouse

Birthday: January 30, 1967

American guitarist, who is a founding and current member of the American rock band FireHouse

Leverty was responsible for writing many of the band’s hit songs

= Guys, you gonna watch ” Here for You” vid. Jezz! He’s so handsome there, and when he plays that solo in the middle part of the song, HEAVEN! 🙂



check him there!:)

Official website: http://www.leverty.com/bio.php

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/LevertyMusic


also check here about the info:




  • Orianthi Panagaris

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Australian musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist

Birthday: January 22, 1985

The late Michael Jackson’s guitarist.

Btw, she sings, too.:) Cool voice!

= Check “According to you” official vid. This girl’s fingers are so amazing. Just another girl power!


Know her more!

twitter: @orianthi

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Orianthi

Official website: http://orianthi.com/



check out some info here:


There you go guys, hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Love them as well and may we live happily ever after. LOL


– mj



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