Loving ’til the end(message in a bottle POV)

Uwaa! Haha! Ngawa kung ngawa. .:)

Been long that I’m gone but I’ve got an absolute interesting topic after I got out of my cave. .Haha!

Who is Nicholas Sparks?

Known to be an exceptional writer with exceptional masterpieces.

Honestly, I had never read any of his work since then. His books is quite expensive for me to afford it. Until three days ago, I just finished reading his work “Message in a Bottle” which I lend from a friend.

I know, and I really cried the whole last chapter of the book. Next morning I read the book and cried again. ? HAHAHA…

There’s a lot of reasons why the book made me cry. First, it made me cry for that tragic experience in love. I mean, why would it ever happen to Garrett? I’m frustrated, really. Then, he wants to be Theresa. And the worst of it, it is only on letter after that accident happened.

Second, the story is so realistic. The setting, the act, the lifestyle… In fact, I’ve watch and read that set-up already Its so normal but the twist is really exceptional. How can a man possess such love? For that thing, I cried because of a really amazing story. To the highest level talaga. And I really love Garrett. How I wish there’s more guys like him. Blessed with so much love and loyalty.

Third, I don’t want to lose a love one at the moment I read it. It’s so painful to bear that feeling. The way Gareth and Theresa felt. I guess most of us don’t want it either. Continue reading