team sepak!:)

yow! haha… Ang saya ko lang. Wel, this entry is a tribute to our own COMMERCE Sepak Takraw team. Our School held a 4-day intramurals starting Aug. 28-31. And since wala kaming katalent-talent sa sports, we got our selves involved in the food committee. Yon nga, sa sepak kami napunta. First game, ayon late kami. kawawa naman tuloy yong mga players namin. The next day, talagang inagahan ko dahil 9 am, magsasatart yong game yon pala ay sa Game 2 pa ung Commerce at past 11 am na nagstart yong sa kanila. Kami naman tuloy yong nagutom. Kanina ay naglaban na yong team namin vs. sa criminal justice dept. Siyempre panalo kami..Yahoo! haha…Ang ingay pa naman namin dun kanina.

So, before I present the pictures na kuha mula sa, I’ll have a short recap of what sepak takraw is.;)


“Sepak” is the Malay word for kick and “takraw” is the Thai word for a woven ball, therefore sepak takraw quite literally means to kick ball. The choosing of this name for the sport was essentially a compromise between Malaysia and Thailand, the two powerhouse countries of the sport.

Earliest historical evidence shows that the game was played in the 15th century’s Malacca Sultanate, for it is mentioned in the Malay historical text, “Sejarah Melayu” (Malay Annals). The Malay Annals described in details the incident of Raja Muhammad, a son of Sultan Mansur Shah who was accidentally hit with a rattan ball by Tun Besar, a son of Tun Perak, in a Sepak raga game. The ball hit Raja Muhammad’s headgear and knocked it down to the ground. In anger, Raja Muhammad immediately stabbed and killed Tun Besar, whereupon some of Tun Besar’s kinsmen retaliated and wanted to kill Raja Muhammad. However, Tun Perak managed to restrain them from such an act of treason by saying that he would no longer accept Raja Muhammad as the Sultan’s heir. As a result of this incident, Sultan Mansur Shah ordered his son out of Malacca and had him installed as the ruler of Pahang.

In the Philippines the sport was called “sipa” and along with traditional martial arts survived the three century Spanish colonization. It is a popular sport played by children in Philippines, this is their national sport. Sepak Takraw is included in Philippine’s elementary and highschool curriculum.In Myanmar, or Burma, it was dubbed “Chinlone“, in Laos “Kator”, “cầu mây” in Vietnam and in Indonesia “Raga” or “Sepak Takraw”.



be your everything

Be your everything–  boys like girls

Verse 1:
Four letter word

But I dont have the guts to say it
Smile til it hurts
Lets not make it complicated
Weve got a story

But Im about to change the ending
Youre perfect for me
Youre more than just a friend so we can just stop pretending now

Gotta let you know somehow


Ill be your shelter

Ill be your storm
Ill make you shiver
Ill keep you warm
Whatever weather
Well baby Im yours
Ill be your forever, Be your fling
Baby I will be your everything

Verse 2:

We used to say
That we would always stay together
But whos to say
We could never last forever
Girl, got a question
Could you see yourself with somebody else?
Cause Im on a mission

I dont wanna share I want you all to myself right now
I just wanna scream it out


Ill be your shelter

Ill be your storm
Ill make you shiver
Ill keep you warm

Whatever weather
Well baby Im yours
Ill be your forever, Be your fling
Baby I will be your everything

No matter what you do
Ill be there for you
Every time you close your eyes
I will be by your side
Want you to wear my ring
Wont you tell me Im your everything


Ill be your shelter
Ill be your storm
Ill make you shiver
Ill keep you warm

Whatever weather
Well baby Im yours
Ill be your forever, Be your fling

Baby I will be your everything

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls @ Mount SnowBoys Like Girls @ Mount Snow

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls (Photo credit: Jing Qu)


Hero/Heroine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Boys Like Girls @ Mount Snow

Boys Like Girls @ Mount Snow (Photo credit: Alie Aesthetic)

Enjoy everyone..;0


haha…dahil lang obssessed ako kay Maverick, Los Caballero’s My girl written by Sonia Francesca, ginawa-gawa ko ang kabangagang to. .Wala lang, ng may mapagtawanan naman ako sa mga panahong malulungkot ako. .haha


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new found idols!!!:)


“I Don’t Wanna Know”– New Found Glory

I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna know

Your eyes were covered in sunglasses
When they first met mine
I sat there and stared at you
You didn’t seem to mind
The awkward ways we meet

First comes heavy breathing
Staring at the ceiling
What will happen next
I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna know

I never cared how i dressed before
But i cared that night
Anticipation ran through my bones
And my clothes never fit right
I can’t wait ’til we meet again

First comes heavy breathing
Staring at the ceiling
What will happen next
I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna know

Framed pictures start to be put on the walls
Constant visits while im out on the road
Its hard to leave sometimes
But you know where i lay my head at night

First comes heavy breathing
Staring at the ceiling
What will happen next
I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna know

Another “kai” of my life!!!


Oh well, dahi kapangalan nya ang isa sa paborito kung stallion member na si Kaiser Montezor in short “KAI” and it  happens that the nickname of  The Gazette, a jap rock band, drummer is also “KAI”… So with the name only, notice na notice ko na sya…hahaha!!!Ka-look alike nya si L ng deathnote and God, he’s already 32!! As in hindi halata sa mukha nila ng mga ka banda nya…


This infos was from facebook made by some fans.

Real Name : Uke Yutaka (受 毛豊)
Birthplace : Tokushima , 28 October 1981
Blog :

– His blood type is B.

– Other gaze members consider him to be a leader of the band.

– Kai’s hobby is cooking and he does it well.

– His weak point is forgetfulness

– Likes playing video games

-He likes to sleep naked, when he is alone. [Shoxx – December 2003]

-Recently , he moved to his own apartment.

-He didn’t finish school.

– His childhood nickname was: Yukkun [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He said if he was an animal he would be a monkey, because it’s represent him the best. O.o [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He’s very positive thinking, but awfully forgetful. [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– If he could be another member for one day he would be Ruki to make his room messy (it’s well-known fact that Ruki is really a maniac about his place.) [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He doesn’t like Eggplant, Potato [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– He super loves mayonnaise. (Caused high colesterol kind a problems to him, so now he tries to avoid eating it – Beat Shuffle – don’t know when but he was with Uruha in the show) [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– Stage drink: Pocari [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– Fav type of woman: Short cut, black hair, feels like the countryside, interesting person. [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

Doesn’t like over-accessorized girls. [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– Once he dreamt that Reita was his mom [100 QUESTIONS – SHOXX BIS]

– According to Uruha Kai always likes to stand in the corner. [Beat Shuffle]

Dislike tattoos, piercings and plastic- surgeries [Arena Special Kai personal interview]

– He’s having a very bad eye sight, but he wouldn’t undergo surgery with it. [Arena Special Kai personal interview]

– Always eating salted Japanese plums before lives [Make on Holiday]
kanji of Kai means ‘caution/warning’

-Kai loves playing football and cooking

-His favorite animals are dogs, tigers, alligators and crocodiles

-He likes to drink apple juice

-His favorite season is winter (he like christmas)

-Kai has two piercings, both on his left ear

He used to want to be a football player

Poor little Kai got tricked on April fools day and didn’t really understand what had happened until 5 days later
Batteries ~ What Kai always buys at convenience stores
He loves to cook with cabbage and various recipes can be found on his section of the site. And he wears the cutest little apron . So take a look and maybe even try out some of his recipes here. Rei-chan says that he doesn’t like Kai’s cooking…but admits he can’t cook
Kai likes Dir en grey
Kai got his drivers license on the 6th January
France ~ The place that Kai most wants to go on his own
During lives, Kai always checks to make sure all of the members are having fun
Kai once said he really wants to have a ‘session’ with Gackt
Hospital ~ In an interview Kai once talked about the time he was hospitalized. He said that it was a very emotional time, and that he received 1000 cranes…I don’t know exactly what happened to him or when he was in there but I do know that the first live he did after that was on July 22
Marilyn Manson ~ …I’m not sure if Kai likes him (he might do…his favorite album is by him) but he said that he wanted to go to a Marilyn Manson concert .
Pearl ~ Kai’s drum make, a very popular choice with a lot of indies drummers
Reita and Kai both find lack of sleep the worst thing on tours…and Kai always moans ‘sleepy’
SMAP ~ Kai’s first ever live
Kai use his hp ringtone with Wakaremichi song’s
Kai collects Zippos
– was once put in the hospital because of a fever from too much drumming
– sleeps nude when nobody is around

– used to work in a restaurant before going into entertainment

– was ranked as #3 popular male by the girls at school (he found out AFTER he quit the soccer club)
– he used to push his way to the center of a crowd that was laughing and make what they were laughing at funny for him too (he says he was selfish in this way, always wanting to be center of attention/funny)

– when he was bullied, he would laugh because it made others laugh and that made him feel good (that he made others laugh)
— as a result, whenever his band members “bully” him, he laughs, just to make everyone else laugh (naturally)

– hugged Uruha in his sleep… making Uruha feel very uncomfortable.

– tends to over work himself

– once (probably more) was taking care and worrying about the others so much, he didn’t realize that he was getting sick.

– Kai loves soccer and played it in elementary school, junior high, and high school

-Kai thinks he’s “gotten better at human relationships”, becoming more considerate of others.

-Kai’s mother can read and speak English. So that means, if another GazettE’s member can’t read some of the English fanmail, he asks his mom to translate them for him.

-Kai actually doesn’t dislike drinking, and has in fact started drinking again! But when he’s out drinking with everyone, he tends to “over-drink”… as in, he gets hyper and then crashes.

-Kai stopped drinking for two years because after he drank, he’d hit a low point “tension-wise”, and he didn’t like that about himself, which is why he stopped drinking.

-Kai likes beer, a brand from Okinawa called Awamori.

-His wish for the future is to attain happiness, and one way of getting that happiness, for him, is getting a big house

Previous Band Info :
La’DeathtopiA [戒, Kai]
Mareydi†Creia [戒, Kai]
the GazettE [戒, Kai]







pics from google#


let go…and move on..

This is the day the sad day of my life… Not just Lord Jesus will be crucified, maybe it’s also the day that I should start let go of my feelings for him. Hindi man sa ngayon, atleast nasa starting piont na ko. Ang sakit na sa dibdib at  sa damdamin pati utak ko apektado na. Ayoko nang magpanggap na ayos lang ako sa harap nya lalong-lalo na sa harap nilang dalawa.   (the reasons of my sentiments is on my older post entitled define ouch)  All of the time kasi umaasa lang ako na sa balang araw mapagtutuunan rin nya ko ng pansin… Ang tanga ko naman, ang gaga ko pa…. Feeling ko naman ang ganda-ganda ko para mapansin nya.. Kainis bakit kasi sa kanya ko pa naramdaman ang ganito…Walanghiya naman yon, he really knows how to play his cards well( nanisi pa ko noh? hahaha) I know that God has it’s purpose kung bakit ko nararamdaman to.I know I should not blame anyone for this heartache, naghahanap lang ako ng masisi kasi sa larong to, talo ako… Ako yong nasakatan at nawalan. I just hope na sa process ko ng pagm0move on ay wag na syang magpakita pa ng motibo para bumalik yong nararamdaman ko sa kanya… Sabi nga ni Papa Jack, “Say thank you and say goodbye to him. Hindi mo man agad-agad magawa ang importante, nagsimula kana.”

So I say thank you to him for this feelings na naramdaman ko… Falling for him is a wonderful experience in my life even if we’re not really meant for each other… Salamat din sa kanya dahil kahit sandali ay naramdaman ko ang pakiramdam ng my nagmamahal at nagaalaga sayo. Salamat sa mga sweet gestures nya, as in naaappreciate ko yon.. Ayon, thank you dahil sa kanya umikot ang pag-ibig na una kong naramdaman… And now, I say “goodbye”. Sana maging way na din to para mahanap ko na yong totoong kaligayahan ko. Ang tagal kung tinali ang sarili ko sa kanya, ang dami kung ginawa dahil nag-hold on ako sa isang bagay na hindi naman akin… Wala akong karapatang ipaglaban sya dahil simula’t sapol, pagaari na sya ng iba. I really wish na maging strong ako habang tinatanggap ko ang katotohanag yon… Masyado pa kung bata para masaktan ng ganito… Ayokong maging malungkot…I wish for his own happiness and mine,too. Ayon, thank you and goobye.. And it starts now….

Bakasy0n na!!!:P

2nd semester of my 2nd-year in college is finally over!!!!! ibig sabihin ay magiging 3rd year na ko. How about that? hehe…ilang hakbang nalang patungo sa bundok!…ng tagumpay. He-he! And speaking of bakasyon, tambay na naman ako dito sa pinagtatrabahuan ko. Kailangan ko nang magsipag dahil wala na akong allowance kasi wala ng pasok….< obvoius naman di ba? engot lang talaga ako…> At malban dun, marami na kaming napagkasunduang outing. And first on our list…..The Guintubdan Falls! Ang ganda ng lugar di ba? Parang virgin lang..hehe!

Honestly, I never been visit the place..At madami pa daw wild      flowers dun especially one of my faavorites, millionflowers! At   hulaan nyo sino may sabi nun?  None other than my irog at   sinisinta…hehe… The place will be found top hill of the mountain   and certainly the water there is very cold at take note, crystal clear   daw ang tubig dun. Excited na nga kaming pumunta dun eh.. And   this is also to promote the natural wilderness sa lugar namin.   Sariling atin lang naman kaya tangkilikin na natin.:)))

And ola!!!This March 21, 2012, WE are really blessed to visit the place… And it was wow! Pinetress on both sides of the streets on a rainy day.Ang kapal ng fog kaya medyo malamig na talaga dun pag dating namin. At mga kababayan, umuulan ng umakyat kami dun. The first thing that came in my mind ng dumating kami dun ay bulaklak. Di naman ako nabigo, may dala akong mionflower pag-uwi…hehe!!:))))

I never get the chance to picture the spring dahil nga umuulan.And trivia, the Guintubdan falls was the main source of water supply in the neighboring cities!! Shyyyeeeeet, super lamig ng tubig, para kang na freeze at super clear yong tubig, akala mo mababaw lang yun pala malalim na paglusong mo. It was really a great experience!

  There’s the other clearer pic of the place: It can be found on the falls itself.(photos are not mine)

adik.ako.kay.jung yong hwa


-leader and main vocalist of CN Blue

B-day:June 22, 1989

Height: 180 cm

Weight:63 kgs.

Blood type: A

Zodiac: Cancer

Hobby: appreciating music

Specialty: clarinet, beatbox, guitar

About him:<shing-shing!>

>has a RED DOT on his arm

> has a nickname “yong yong” when he’s young

>his favorite seasons are spring and winter

>he likes to wear pajamas when he sleeps

>his favorite animals is tiger, that’s why he loves leopard things

>has a dog named “jjing”

>he’s good in playing basketball

>his favorite movie genre is thriller

>favorite colors are gold, silver, black and blue

>his point of view on love: ” I also think i don’t understand much about love. My view on love seems to change with circumstances. They’ve changed all this time. Anyway, I hope for some long and stable relationship.”

credits to Mecca Manalang and Looreen Yupo for the infos…Shing-shing!!!!



English: During Press Conference for their end...

Image via Wikipedia

dalaga na ba?:D

Recently, December 25th, I just turned 18..Wuu!!! Dalaga na raw ako?! Waaahhhh!!!hahaha…sabi pa ng iba, welcome to legality… Honestly, I never felt that I’m a lady… nahihilo lang ako..hahaha… First thing, An taba ko para maging dalaga ; ang raskal ko para maging mahinhin  at isip bata pa ko… Dalaga ba yon? Or it’s just a signal for me to change into grown up? Dapat ba ganun? A…ewan! Ang dami kong tanong na hindi ko masagot-sagot…. At laging sumasagi sa utak ko ay kung handa na ba akong magmahal… Handa naman siguro, takot lang masakatan. dahil hindi mo pa nga naramdaman ang pagmamahal na hinahangad mo mula sa kanya ay nasaktan ka na. Bat ba kailangang pagdaanan yon? At bakit nagtatanong na naman ako?<haha!>

Balik sa birthday ko, Ayon masaya naman… maaaga lang ako natulog dahil puyat pero super saya! May dalawa akong cakes at take note, libre yon…haha, sinuswerte nga naman ang lola nyo.At bago ko makalimutan ang pinakamaganda, i had a new nailpolish- blazing red! bwahaha…Nagsimba lang ako at pagkatapos nun natulog, pumunta ng ilog, natulog, kumain, dumaldal at natulog ng maaga. nPero salamat sa sponsor ng handa…hihihi…babawi nalang ako sa susunod, pag me sweldo na ba..

I have all the reasons to be thankful sa lahat ng blessings na natangap ko… And I’m very blessed to share the day with our God.. Napaka swerte ko na talaga na naki.share ako sa araw ng kapanganakan Nya. And I trust everything with Him and it’s up to me nalang kung ano ang gagawin ko.

“Di na Baling SINGLE, wag lang mawalan ng internet connection”

Stevie Hoang – More Than A Friend Mp3 | Music Addict

Stevie Hoang – More Than A Friend Mp3 | Music Addict.


Yeah Ooh Yeah Ooh Ooh
I’ve Had My Fair Share Of Playing Games
All Types Of Relationship
But They Didn’t Amount To This
For All This Time I’ve Been Searching Girl
It’s Crazy I Couldn’t See
It Was Right There In Front Of Me

Baby It’s You
The Only One I Call When I’m Down Girl
The Only One Thats Always Been Around Girl
You’re The Only One Who’s Been There From The Start
When I Couldn’t Find A Way You Would Show Me
It’s Funny Cos You’ve Always Been My Homie
So Girl Let Me Know
Will You Be More Than A Friend
If We Took It There
I Promise You’ll See
How Good It Will Be
If You Were More Than A Friend
Lets Give Love A Try
The Feeling Is Right
There’s No Reason Why
You Can’t Be More Than A Friend
(more Than A Friend)
Will You Be More Than A Friend

Time Passes Us By So Quickly Girl
So Why Don’t We Take This Chance
Won’t You Let Me Be Your Man
You Say You Don’t Wanna Mess Things Up
But Baby Don’t Be A Afraid
It’s A Chance I’m Willing To Take

Baby It’s You
The Only One I Call When I’m Down Girl (ooh)
The Only One Thats Always Been Around Girl
You’re The Only One Who’s Been There From The Start
When I Couldn’t Find A Way You Would Show Me (show Me)
It’s Funny Cos You’ve Always Been My Homie
So Girl Let Me Know
Will You Be More Than A Friend
If We Took It There
I Promise You’ll See
How Good It Will Be
If You Were More Than A Friend
Lets Give Love A Try
The Feeling Is Right
There’s No Reason Why
You Can’t Be More Than A Friend

There’s Nothing I Wouldn’t Do
Just To Show You How I Feel
Can’t You See That I’m For Real
(that I’m For Real Ooh Girl)
Baby Just Give Me Your Heart
And I Swear I’ll Never Tear It Apart

Will You Be More Than A Friend
If We Took It There
I Promise You’ll See
How Good It Will Be
If You Were More Than A Friend
Lets Give Love A Try
The Feeling Is Right
There’s No Reason Why
You Can’t Be More Than A Friend

If We Took It There
I Promise You’ll See
How Good It Will Be
If You Were More Than A Friend
Lets Give Love A Try
The Feeling Is Right
There’s No Reason Why
You Can’t Be More Than A Friend

Lyrics from:

define “ouch”

“Î NeVer Stop LoVing YOU, I JUSt StoP LetTiNg it ShoW”

Let’s define “ouch” daw.. Alam nyo ung feeling na, na  internal hemorrhage ng dahil lang sa lintik na pagmamahal na yan? Hindi naman literal na internal hemorrhage, yong parang wala kang sugat pero masakit. At yong feeling na you’re not empty but broken. Hindi naman natin minsan aakalain na tayo ay magmamahal…misan sa maling panahon at kadalasan sa maling tao pa, hindi mo namamalayan ay tinamaan ka na pala ng pana ni kupido. Sinasabi ng iba na pag tinamaan ka ng pana ni kupido ay in-love ka na, hindi ba nila naisip kung gaano kasakit ang panang yon pag sa puso mo tumagos.Ang magmahat sa maling tao ay parang ligaw na bala, hindi sayo nakalaan pero ikaw ang tinamaan,masakit yon for reel or for real.

Maybe, I’ve been in love at the age of 17..and have been hurt at the same time. It’s not love at first sight since i believe na love is blind. Namalayan ko na lang hinahangaan ko na sya, pinapangarap, pinapantasya. And everytime he does small sweet gestures, my heart gave in…Can’t blame me, I’m a sucker for happy endings and sweet stuffs. Syempre pag concern sya sakin kinikilig naman ako, still keep my self believing na my ” M.U.” kami….Hindi naman masama ang mangarap atleast hindi nya alam. Pwede ko syang pagnasaan sa isip ko, imagine-nin na mahal din nya ako…And the day comes that i don’t expect is magtapat sya ng feelings nya sakin. Shock is really an understatement. Goodness! I’m just like a sister to him aside sa fact na may lihim akong pagtingin sa kanya. We were texting that night when he suddenly blurted na he has a feelings for me…more than just a friend or a sister. What I did is text him back telling na “baka infatuation lang yan, deep feelings involved”. At nag reply sya na, hindi raw kasi palagi kong nakukuha ang atensyon nya at blaah…blaah..hindi ko na naintindihan ang ibang sinasabi nya kasi nininerbyos na ako kahit sa text lang.. Yet still, dinedeny ko pa rin yon at dinidiscourage ko pa rin sya at masakit para sakin yon…What hurts more is my girlfriend lang naman sya kaya pinili ko nalang magpretend na wala akong nararamdaman sa kanya.. And to thinks na wala akong laban sa babaeng yon, it leaves me helpless and pathetic at ayokong magmukhang kawawa dahil nagpadala ako sa emosyon ko.

Nagiging aloof na sya sakin pagkatapos ng pangyayaring yon. Ang hindi nya alam, gusto ko syang sisihin kung bakit ako nasasaktan. Para na nga akong tanga minsan sa kaka-forward ng mga quotations sa kanya na sana kahit isang reply man lang sana mag-respond sya pero wala. At kahit sabihin ko pang hindi na ko magti-text sa kanya ay di ka pa rin sya matiis at sisisihin ko naman ang sarili ko dahil nagpakatanga ako. Gusto ko na sanang maka-move on dahil dumarami na ang mga inferiorities at insecurities ko sa sarili, hindi ko naman magawa. Makita ko lang sya, bumabalik na yong feelings ko.

I just want to feel in love again…At kung ako ang papapiliin ay gusto kong sa kanya pa rin…i can’t give up this feeling even it causes me too much heartbreak and lots of broken pieces of hopes and happiness… I’ll just savor the moment na magkasama kami atleast my maganda naman akong alaala sa lalaking nagparamdam sakin na masarap pala ang magmahal at may minamahal. Kamartiran man  yon o katangan, bahala na… As long as hindi nya alam at wala akong may nasisirang relasyon ay sasarilihin ko nalang yong dalamhati ng puso ko tutal masyado pa akong bata para magpaapekto sa tawag ng pag-ibig. He always has a big part of my heart for always…:[

“There is always this boy and no matter he do, I just can’t stop loving him”

jesse my labs!

Ahahaha….yeah, right… I really love Jesse Mc Cartney… di nga lang halat kasi di ako masyadong nag-eeffort na mag-research ng tungkol sa kanya but since na nandito na rin lang to, sagarin ko na..


Name:Jesse Abraham Arthur McCartney

Nick- names:Jester, j-mac, j, jess

B-day: April 9, 1987

Zodiac sign: Aries

Born in: New York City, New York

Height: 5’10”

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Blonde

Did you know that?

>He don’t smoke and don’t have tattoos.

>Jesse was in the school band and he’s playing saxophone.

>The song, because you live, was the second single released from his CD in the US. It is also on the “Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement” soundtrack.

> He was a member of DREAM STREET together with Matt,Greg, Frankie, and Chris.

>Jesse’s first album was Beautiful Soul released on September 28, 2004. The album was certified platinum by the RIAA for the 1.5 million copies sold in the US alone.

>Is the oldest of three children.

>Graduated from Ardsley High School on June 22, 2005.

>Owns two pet rats, called Mocha and Blanche.

>Favorite TV show: Friends.

>Favorite type of music: Rock and Pop.

>Says that when he sat down to write the track, She’s No You, he was on a caffeine buzz, so he wrote a fast-paced beat for the song.

>Is of Irish, English and Polish heritag.

>Favorite book: The Great Gatsby

info on:



photos by:

first job!

Atlast! Weeh?…hehe…Kaya ako masaya kasi as of december 23,2010…I’ve got my first job! Gustong-gusto ko talaga ang magkatrabaho sa maraming dahilan. Una, palagi akong sinasabihan na tamad kaya ayon sinunggaban ko ang offer. Pangalawa, gusto ko lang namang makabawas ng gastusin sa bahay at makatulong na rin. Pangatlo, magkaron ng experience sa maraming bagay. At fruitful naman yong naging resulta ng desisyon ko.

It was Jill’s Party Needs…kung saan everyday may birthday…It specialize sa mga cakes at party needs. Pag-aari sya ng instructor ko sa accounting. Kung di po nyu naitatanong, BS business administration po ang kinukuha kong course. Syempre excited ako nun, first time kong magkaron ng trabaho at dahil sobrang busy dahil pasko napasabak agad sa giyera.