Happy One Year! :)

Time flies so fast… 🙂

April 16, 2015 is one of the most memorable date of my life. Today,  I’m celebrating my first anniversary on the first job I got after college. Well, along with my other teammates, too. How was that?:) So happy one year to me!

It’s cool. Never really think that I could last this long as a technical support for an Australian account. And who would have thought that I’ll land on this job? Graduated with the degree in Business Administration at 2o. Nailed my first job a month after my graduation. Yay! But seriously, not that easy. Where I work now is the third BPO company where I’ve passed my resume. Failed the initial interviews on the first two companies. So I really did think that call canter is not for me. Yet now I’m writing this to celebrate my first year. 🙂

I didn’t get to picture my first salary but surely I have all my withdrawal slip with me.(I’ll get a picture next time). The pay’s just enough for my monthly allowance. Yeah, I also have my never ending supply of shower gels and lotion.

Some says that working at a call center is easy as one, two, three. Well, hell its not! 🙂 For one year, we’ve been dealing different kinds of people, different kinds of problems under different circumstances. Working with different persons and different departments through calls is a big, big challenge. But sometimes, you’ll encounter certain persons that will change your outlook in life. I still remember my certain customer that made me cry! Not that he shout at me or something but something else personal. I got that call on April 8, 2015 and cry our hearts out and he will then celebrate his 77th birthday the day after. It just slipped out that his daughter died with cancer 3 years ago. He then said that he will be celebrating his 77th birthday but his daughter left him first and it really saddened him. And I can’t help myself then after he said that. I could also feel he’s just holding himself to cry as well. So we’re cool. I’ll never forget him. Ever.

But then, only time can say if I will stay here longer than expected. What will happen in the future, this experience will definitely never be forgotten.