Hey! It’s Christmas. :)

Christmas is here again. The day we rejoices for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Nothing is better than celebrating Christmas with your family and loved ones. And of course, I turned 21 as well. Another reason to be thankful and to honored to share this special day with our God.

And speaking of my birthday, I’ve requested greetings and fan signs from my favorite bands and writers. So far so good. I’ve got some on my fave writers and none on my fave bands. Haha! That’s a given. So here they are ** insert little effort in print screen here ** 🙂 🙂


International Authors:








maya banks




Precious Hearts Romances(others are my text buddies turned writers. 😉 )


















These are just my happiness. If ever my boys from Lawson, Boys like Girls and 5 Seconds of Summer have notice my requests, I could live for another hundred years. Haha! Nevertheless, this is already wishes coming true. Below are some pictures on what I’ve got-





  • From people of the house. the cheapest yet the most meaningful. 🙂



  • Jee! Just the sweetest for this special day. 🙂



  • I love balloons! ❤ ❤



  • And this, from the my Teletech family. 🙂



And for all those who become a part of my 21 years, I could not thank you enough. From my family, friends, new-found friends, classmates, workmates, favorite bands, favorite authors, favorite book heroes, book boyfriends, crushes and ex-crushes; and to those I haven’t mention, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY 21 YEARS A BEAUTIFUL ONE 🙂



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