Ever complain why your life’s boring? Or dull? No something to brighten you every day? Let’s talk about SERVE Series, instead. Another series Brazen offered that will really take you over the edge- to a whole new level of romance. Written by the one and only maker of dirty talking undeniably sexy dominant men, Tessa Bailey, you’ll experience romance in ways you can’t imagine- darker, sensual and heart-wrecking. Intimacy and pain- two words that make my insides out. Two words that scream through out the story for me to feel what really love means. By the time I end the two books, I would wish, if possible, to replace my liver or lungs for another heart to feel it through my veins and bones. Only Tessa Bailey can make us crave for more.



Her mind rejects his world. But her body knows its master.

Jonah Briggs. BDSM club owner. Dominant to the deep of his bones… A father by right. But above all those, what I love about Jonah is his sense of responsibility. ‘A man who puts the need of other before his own… As a man who keeps his word’ as Caroline speaks of.

 Behind thowned by fateat commanding aura is a man capable of love and deserve to be loved in return. If Jonah’s life is just circling between running the club and struggling to get that visitation grant for Gabby, surely Caroline is someone that could spice up his life.

The ‘award-winning’ financial journalist that found herself in a BDSM club to prove that the merger of their respectable financial magazine to a publisher of lifestyle magazine is not the only way to save their company from bankruptcy- as her brother proposed. The idea of combining their magazine with more adventurous themes including the world of BDSM is simply put as ‘out of her league’. She went to the club, with one goal in her mind-  to hate it. Well, her world turned upside down when she meet Serve’s owner Jonah. As I quote on the book, ‘His name might be Jonah, but it was the only biblical quality he possessed.’ So you already know what that means, right? 😉

“You’re goddamn right you love it. Not half as much as I’m going to love proving it.”

– Jonah

There was knowledge in those eyes. Knowledge she didn’t have. A MAN WHO PROVIDED PLEASURE FOR A LIVING.


Ah,yes. Of course, one of the highlights in the story. All I can say is its SMOKING HOT. There’s really a difference between pleasure in lust and pleasure in love. And I can say I felt the latter during those intimate moments. The feeling of your heart swells and ready to burst? It’s hard to breathe. Does jealousy can be associated to love? Jeez, I hope so. At least on the story, it is. My toes curl when Jonah’s jealous.^_^ I’m a sucker for romance after all. Who’s not, by the way? 😉

I keep tumbling and rolling on my bed during that ‘I’ll let you go’ part. I don’t know who’ll I curse- Jonah or Caroline? Nevertheless, it was remedied when Jonah and Caroline realized they love each other to distraction. And the proposal on nationwide magazine is HEART. Jonah’s expression’s, “What the hell?” Well, dude. The feeling’s mutual.;)



He’ll train her to lure another man. She’ll lure him instead.

When Eliza wants to hooked up with that Brit guy on Serve, she realized she lacked the knowledge in the world of dominance. She needed a lesson to lure that man. And Oliver is the best candidate to give that lesson to her. And just to complicate things, he’s her bestfriend’s older brother, playboy, womanizer and a blue blood dominant. And he’s freaking aware of that. She asked him anyway. Subconsciously, she already handed him her trust and heart.

exposed by fate

Oliver Preston. The High and The Mighty Oliver Preston. The Infamous Oliver Preston. Was asked by his sister’s bestfriend to give her lessons to lure another man in a BDSM club he’s a part of. He wasn’t sure he could turn down the opportunity. Regardless of the consequences. Especially it’s Eliza, his bunny. But as I quote again on the book, he’s torn between a sense of duty and his rock-hard need to find out if she tastes as delectable as he’s dreamed. He’s not doing it because of some sorts of favor but he knew that from the start when they meet, he’ll have her. His alone – to possess, to pleasure, to satisfy. But Eliza’s too good for him. He knew he would loved to pleasure and to punish her in the lessons he’ll teach her. And he will make sure she’ll love every second of it, she’ll crave for more. And the idea of other men giving that to her, the knowledge of other man touching her is like a blade buried deep in his heart.

“Have you decided how you want to greet me yet?”

“Yeah.” A dimple appeared on his right cheek, eyebrows waggling. “Wanna make out?”

Well, hell. If it’s not Oliver Preston. Behind those rep is a compassionate man. Full of spirit. A very brave one as well if I’ll asked. He’s not just the playboy and easy going as he seems. The moment he showed that vulnerability, I could say that he’s for keeps.  He’s disappointed, he’s jealous, he loved, he’s scared, he was hurt. How did he managed that? Who knows? But not with Eliza though. I imagined the time they first meet and I’m all Taylor Swift’s Sparks Fly. 😉

“They don’t get to hear the voice that screams my fucking name.”

– Oliver

Wew! As my friend would described, just two words: SHOWER SCENE. That was INTENSE and MIND BLOWING. Not just the shower scene I mean. There’s actually a lot.  It’s where all that dirty talking put to use. What you’re just going to do is to hold your breath and sigh. 😉

“Put your hands all over me, Eliza. I want to feel them when you’re gone.”

– Oliver

Ah, this very line. I freaking cried the time that words was uttered… Up to the shattering glass Eliza left behind. And I just don’t mean teary-eyed or single-tear falling, I was all sobbing, writhing and cursing on my pillow. The feeling’s just like when I dreamed of my father leaving me for good. That’s roughly 6 pages read. Six freaking pages of total misery I can’t breathe. But that was then the best read of my life yet. That if given the chance, I’d kill for someone as passionate and to good to be true as Oliver. I so love him so much.

You’ll hardly find a man that will makes you fell the true essence of a woman-  beautiful, courageous,  empowered and loved. Someone who’ll push your limits in ways you’ll never know you’re capable of. Proofs are what I’ve found on the story:

“You’re going to be a force,Caroline. You have the ability to accomplish it in your little finger.”

– Jonah

“You’re incredibly brave. You were spectacular. I’ve never seen anything half as beautiful as you were. As you are.”

– Oliver

My reader’s just full of bookmarks and highlights that I want to share but that’s a lot of spoilers already. 😉 Better to read the book to see and to feel that love’s not easy- it’s complicated, it  hurts. But every word on the series is worth reading. It’s LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! ❤

Many of thanks to Tessa Bailey for it. 😉 Looking forward to a lot more stories coming from you. 😉

(Excuse me for that poor introduction.;))

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