adik.ako.kay.jung yong hwa


-leader and main vocalist of CN Blue

B-day:June 22, 1989

Height: 180 cm

Weight:63 kgs.

Blood type: A

Zodiac: Cancer

Hobby: appreciating music

Specialty: clarinet, beatbox, guitar

About him:<shing-shing!>

>has a RED DOT on his arm

> has a nickname “yong yong” when he’s young

>his favorite seasons are spring and winter

>he likes to wear pajamas when he sleeps

>his favorite animals is tiger, that’s why he loves leopard things

>has a dog named “jjing”

>he’s good in playing basketball

>his favorite movie genre is thriller

>favorite colors are gold, silver, black and blue

>his point of view on love: ” I also think i don’t understand much about love. My view on love seems to change with circumstances. They’ve changed all this time. Anyway, I hope for some long and stable relationship.”

credits to Mecca Manalang and Looreen Yupo for the infos…Shing-shing!!!!



English: During Press Conference for their end...

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